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Token FAQ's

  1. Purchasing Tokens
  2. How much cost a Token?
  3. Videos Playback Help
  4. Token Account
  5. Paying with Tokens
  6. Free tokens Redemption for SuperTwinks Premium members
  7. When problems occur
  8. I bought tokens but can not rent videos?

  • Purchasing Tokens
    Tokens are the only item actually purchased with money at our site.You can pay for them using standard payment method(s) which may include our designated Credit Card processors. Once purchased, the value of the Tokens will be added to your own personal account.
    Tokens can be added and spent only if you have valid membership to any of SuperTwinks sites.
    RuTwinks.com, TwinkMix.com, PirrerHouse.com, RussianGuysFeet.com
    If you don't have any membership you can get it from Here


  • How much cost a Token?
    5 tokens 5$
    20 tokens 10$
    40 tokens 19$
    60 tokens 28$


  • Videos Playback Help

    Since October 2016 we offer DRM free downloads

    For downloaded MP4,F4V,FLV,WMV videos we recommend to use: VLC Media Player


  • Token Account
    If you have "funds" in your Token Account, you will notice that the balance is displayed in the top right of the site along with a Personal Greeting (if you are Signed In). This allows you to see at a glance if you have enough funds available to make you next purchase.

  • Paying with Tokens
    If you have funds in your Token Account, you can use those funds to rent movies at our site. On every Movie Detail page you will find a button clearly marked "RENT NOW". Clicking this button will deduct the Token Value of the Movie from your Token Account and take you to the Movie Manager to acquire your License and Download the Movie.Please note that if you do not have enough Tokens in your Token Account to cover the cost of the Movie you will have to buy more Tokens. If you have more funds in your Token Account than the total cost of your movie(s), the balance will remain in you Token Account for future movie purchases, and can be redeemed at any time. We erase accounts after one year of inactivity.

  • Free tokens Redemption for SuperTwinks Premium members

    If you are SuperTwinks.com Premium Membership owner then you have right to get every month 30 free tokens to your account.
    To redeem tokens please log in to your EastVideos account. Choose "Account". In "Account" menu press "Promotional Code Redemption" 
    Enter your SuperTwinks.com Premium Membership username.
    If you are qualified then 30 tokens will be added to your EastVideos account.
    If after 30 days you still have valid SuperTwinks.com Premium Membership you have to repeat same process. We don't add free tokens automatically.

  • When problems occur
    For any queries regarding the Token System, please contact us by email. Please make sure you give as much information as possible in the email.

  • I bought tokens but can not rent videos?

    1. Please sign in
    2. Check if on the top Rental Checkout Area is Empty, if not empty then click on it and make it empty
    3. Press Account
    4.Press Switch view to Tokens
    6. On the right top you have to see
      Welcome back XXXX!, your
      balance is X Token(S).
    5. Go on video you want to purchase
    6. If you have enough tokens Rent Now will highlight
    7.After pressing Rent Now you will be sent to page My Rentals
    8.If all successful Download button will highlight
    9. Use save target as to download video


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