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ShakyDown Boyz 5
 Download: ShakyDown Boyz 5 for only 10 Token(S)
 Ratings: Adult Nr-18(xxx)
 Length: 27 min (277MB)
 Studio: RuTwinks.com  >> More from RuTwinks.com
 No Customer Ratings Yet
 Date added: Monday 25 May, 2009.
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Movie Synopsis
There’s nothing going on in the club's little sit-down bar-room. Malvin, the tall hot bartender, is there alone, stripped to his waist, just waiting for a good time to materialize. In walk Jordan (fresh from his 3-way down the hall) and Marek, looking for a nightcap. Jordan orders a couple of Heinekens, gives Malvin a credit card, and settles down with Marek across the room on a banquette. Malvin takes the bottles to the boys and wedges his hot, semi-naked body down between them. Holding on to the bottles, he first kisses Jordan and then Marek. He doesn’t seem to have a preference – he lusts for them both equally. Jordan reaches over for Malvin’s crotch, he remembers the bottles and sets them aside. He then pulls off Malvin’s pants, licks his dick through his turquoise briefs and pulls it out to suck. Marek kisses Malvin as Jordan pushes his shorts off and sucks. Then Marek takes a long turn on Malvin’s dick as Jordan makes out with him. Jordan gets his dick out, as Marek continues to work on Malvin. He finally gets to go down again on Malvin. Marek and Jordan go back and forth sharing their lust. Marek, wearing his sharp designer black shirt, kneels center in front of the banquette to suck back and forth on Jordan and Malvin, who are now both standing. Jordan and Malvin reach across Marek to kiss each other. Malvin kneels, and the two undress Marek. They're all naked now, kissing and sucking back and forth. Jordan bends over a table and offers his naked ass to Marek for butt-fucking. Malvin, not to be left out, comes up behind Marek and gently inserts his dick to make it a train-fuck. Marek is the man in the middle who is getting it front and back. Next, Marek sits on the floor to suck on Malvin and jack himself off, while Malvin, who’s supporting himself on the banquette, gets butt-fucked for a long time by Jordan. Switching places, Jordan sits on the now seated Malvin as Marek sucks on him from above. Jordan finishes by cumming on Malvin’s face, and Malvin in turn licks him clean. Malvin cums on the two of them as they kiss, taking time out to suck the cum out of him. Marek then ends the session by again cumming on Malvin.
 Scenes from ShakyDown Boyz 5

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Video bit rate
      1.8 Mbps (VBR)
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